Event Themes

Why not take a punt on this one and see if you can lay odds on who committed murder most foul. A good down to earth Yorkshire couple have invested in a race horse after winning the Euro Millions and it’s going to run at the National. Whether you are the kind of person who only bets on a dead cert or someone who likes to play the long shot, we need your support to lay odds on who you’d put your money on as being a murderer. We’ll give you odds of 100/1 you can’t guess who the murderer is in this one!

summer Solstice is supposed to be a time of celebration, a time for giving thanks however, there are several characters in the village who are allowing their own greed and desire to prevail as the ultimate potion maker to spoil the event, and murderous intentions are afoot.
We would love you to join in the Summer Solstice celebrations with us, and use your powers of deduction to bring peace and justice once more to the village.
For one of these characters, the longest day will turn out to be their last

Tis the season to be jolly, but you won’t find any Christmas cheer among these four characters. This is one staff Christmas party that no one will forget, and more than one member of the cast will go out with a bang tonight. Why not join us and find out which one of them will ‘not’ be around to open their presents on Christmas day.
NOTE: This is an adaption of ‘Party ‘Till You Die’, & is a great one to hold/attend for the staff party in December.

It’s time for yet another fund-raiser at the local church, and all the usual suspects are there to lend a hand with the organising, including the priest. Could one of these pillars of society really be capable of murder? I don’t think the odd confessional is going to help any of the characters in this one.

The Count has opened up the Castle so that paying guests may enjoy an evening of Ghost Hunting. The characters in this one are enough to give you the creeps, and you can rest assured that there is some scullduggery afoot. Be careful what you order form the menu, as the chef is renowned for many a culinary blunder. The butler is a solemn character, but you may get a giggle form Fanny, the French maid. This is not one for the faint hearted, but is a good one to dress up for, if you really want to make a night of it.
NOTE: This is an adaption of Least Haunted, a great one to stage in October.

Murder is afoot in the most caring profession. Can you operate as a team? Do you have the patience to stitch the clues together and determine which member of the cast is the murderer? One member of the hospital team is lying in the mortuary, and a second will join them before the night is over. We are relying on you to examine the evidence and come up with the correct diagnosis. Good luck and good Health !

War torn London is eventful enough, but add to the chaos the local warden being murdered inside the fall out shelter.  Amidst the gung ho spirit and up-lifting musical interludes we have a murderer in our midst and the crime needs to be solved before the last siren sounds.

Attend this one if you dare! The Countess is dead…murdered by one of the castles inhabitants, however, it is said that some people have seen her wandering around aimlessly. Could it be that she is trying to discover who her murderer is? Will you be the team of detectives who has the psychic power to see her? The Count is determined to conjure up something for you during the evening, maybe his table tipping experiment won’t be so corny after all. I suggest you keep a very close eye on the four characters in this one, they’re all a bit creepy and one of them will murder again before the night Is over.

You are invited to step back in time to 1930’s Chicago and attend the opening of the newest Speakeasy in Town, but don’t expect it to be a quiet affair, Pa Chance has already been found dead. The police report reads, ‘death by misadventure’, but we know differently and it’s only a matter of time before the culprit strikes again.

The course of true love certainly doesn’t run smooth for our soon to be wed couple.  Lies and betrayal weave a path of destruction and murder will most certainly ruin the big day. A great event for a hen party (tried and tested). Hen party games can be included in this one!

Who knows what dastardly deeds could be afoot when three of the most notorious crime busters in history are brought together to delight you. Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, not to mention throwing Watson’s younger sister, Winifred into the mix.

This mystery is focused around a dance competition, all be it a rather ham affair. The larger than life characters bring the show to life and encourage audience participation, as they attempt to impress you to secure votes for the final dance off. This will truly be ‘The Last Dance’ for one of them…!

The Captain has keelhauled the ship and is looking to steal himself a new vessel from the Port of Liverpool , aided and abetted by the remaining crew.  He’s buried the treasure in a secret location, known only to him and his trusty 1st mate, Squid Lips Sid, and it’s all hands on deck to steal the map and hornswoggle him out of his loot.
There’s plenty of ooing and arring in this one me hearties, and we sincerely hope that there’s no mutiny amidst your team of detectives as you use your powers of deduction to root out the murderer.

This Pirate themed murder mystery is a great one for seafarers and land lubbers alike, so anchors away and let’s set sail for a great nights entertainment.

Head office wanted to thank their loyal staff for all their hard work over the past year and have organised a party, all expenses paid. It was an unexpected and not so pleasant surprise for the party goers when they discovered that four members of staff from the offices would be attending, including the boss and the dreaded woman from Human Resources, however they turn out to be quite entertaining in a sadistic sort of way. I’m sure that everyone will be able to relate to at least one of these unscrupulous characters. Enjoy the party with us, but most of all, enjoy getting your own back on the office staff by unravelling which one of them is a murderer.

What possible skulduggery could be afoot in Norfolk and Hope (don’t say that too quickly now) High school? Surely three teachers and the deputy headmaster are above suspicion? The police don’t seem to think so! The School Bursar has been murdered, and the perpetrator will strike again before the last bell.

Charles Dickens, ‘A Christmas Carole’ and ‘Great Expectations’ are the flavour of this Christmas themed plot. Mr Scrooge is more than a little dismayed to find that not only is Mr Dickens adamant that he’ll not change the ending of A Christmas Carole but Miss Haversham and Estella from Great Expectations have jumped on the bandwagon and are making their own demands. Poor lowly Bob Cratchit also wants a piece of the action as he’s desperate to escape the clutches of Ebeneezer. There are some shocking revelations in this Dickensian plot and we desperately need your help, so if you can step back in time with us and bring your modern powers of deduction we’d be delighted.

NOTE: This is a great one to dress up for either Dickensian or Steam Punk