Maurice Darcy is dead!  He was discovered face down in his private swimming pool on a Sunday morning three weeks ago. The coroner recorded his death as drowning after suffering a heart attack.

Maurice was an extremely rich and a very charismatic character to those outside his family unit, at least.  He was an astute business man and had little time for those that he considered weak or fanciful.

The reading of the will is about to throw the family who have succeeded him into turmoil. When Justin (the deceased’s son) discovers that all he has inherited nothing is a half-sister he knew nothing about, tempers flare and suspicions are rife.  David the family friend and executer of the will, not content with the can of worms he opened at the will reading, poises his can opener to unearth yet more revelations when he throws doubt on the circumstances surrounding Maurice’s death.

It is your job, as detectives to uncover the truth and use your powers of deduction and interrogation to bring the killer to justice.
Oh yes, David’s suspicions were correct. Maurice was indeed, murdered.


You will need to log on to Zoom for this experience and will need an internet connection.  We will provide you with a link and password to access the performance on the day of the performance. This will be via email. Although it is not necessary, we do advise you to download the ZOOM app to your device prior to the performance, as this can minimise the problems that you may run into.

Please make sure that your screen name is name no the booking as you will not be admitted unless they match up to the details we have. We will ask you to mute yourselves until participation is required.

Ideally, we would like you to have your cameras on. We would advise you to logon about 5 minutes before the event starts so you sort out any problems if they arise. There will be a technician that you can contact via the chat function if you have a problem.


1) Sudden Death can not be held responsible for a poor internet connection, interference, screen freezing or loss of dialogue. Our broadband speed has been checked and verified to double the required standard of zoom.

2) Sudden Death can not be held responsible for the interjection of persons other that those company members involved in the presentation. There is no delay on this presentation, therefore people using language which others may find offensive are not accountable to Sudden Death.

3) In formation given out be Sudden Death i.e. timings etc, will be adhered to as much as possible. Should a device operator miss any scene, or part of, it is their responsibility and not that of Sudden Death.

4) Sudden Death will have the final say concerning scorings, although some participants may have the correct answers in solving the murders, they may not have gained as many points in the interrogation round.

5) All money paid to Sudden Death is non-refundable.

6) Any information and links to the event are copyright and the reproduction, recording or transferring of any information would be dealt with accordingly.

7) Only persons registered by payment and their parties will have access to the material prior to and on the performance evening.

8) A laptop or T.V. streaming will give the viewer the best experience, although you can use a phone or tablet. Please ensure that during all scenes, all devices are set to mute.

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